Bring Catholic Radio to Your Community

Catholic Radio is one of the most effective tools for evangelization and catechesis.

Radio is available, personal, continuous, immediate, and cost-effective.

Catholic radio makes all the programs and outreaches of the Church more effective, helping to multiply the means of communication and conversion, boosting parish life, ecumenism, and every ministry of the Church.

Local Catholic Radio unites and serves the local Catholic community with announcements for Catholic events & parish activities, live broadcasts from local venues, familiar voices speaking to the community, and more.

Catholic Radio has been growing nationwide at the rate of one new station per month for the past 15 years. ┬áHoly Family Radio is exploring several opportunities to bring local Catholic radio to southwest Michigan. These opportunities open up many possibilities for Catholic radio to serve the people of the area by making all the richness of the Truth of Christ available – touching hearts, converting souls, and drawing the faithful deeper into their faith.