Streaming 24 / 7

Holy Family Radio is a lay apostolate dedicated to broadcasting the knowledge, love and truth of the Catholic faith. It seeks to attract and bring all listeners to a deeper relationship with Christ, inspiring them to evangelize, to build stronger families and to foster greater unity within our communities.

Holy Family Radio employs several methods of evangelizing to our local communities and accross the world.  Our primary method of evangelization is through our several local radio stations, here in west Michigan.  In addition, Holy Family Radio broadcasts 24/7 over the internet.   You can connect any time by visiting our website’s home page and click on “Listen Now”  on your computer, tablet, smartphone and any internet connected mobile device.

We are also working on a smartphone app so that you may select which local stream you would like to use.  Until then, you may also use the Tune-In App and find Holy Family Radio.

Here are a couple links: